Welding Capabilities

Late model welding cell - The PerformArc 102S
(self-contained robotic welding system)

  • Arc welding 6-axis articulated robot manipulator with 947mm electrode reach to the center line of the sixth axis and 0.1mm/0.004" or less repeatability.
  • Fully integrated robot controller digitally interfaced with high-performance Panasonic
  • Artificially Intelligent inverter power supply and 32-bit RISC processors for superior welding performance
  • Exclusive Windows CE-based teach pendant that provides a user-friendly interface that enhances productivity and complete offline operator training capabilities
  • Superior arc starts through a patented technology known as impulse arc start, and a flying arc start that saves time and increases productivity
  • Full digital technology for improved robot weld quality and lower spatter
  • The robotic welding cell has a two platen rotating tabletop system. Each platen is rated for a maximum load of 350 lbs 18” off the center of rotation

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