Quality Assurance

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CAD Capabilities

Using the latest in 3D design applications, S&N® integrates mechanical CAD, design validation and design communication to help design better products faster. SolidWorks® is utilized throughout the development process, including component and assembly tooling design, resulting in quicker production times and lower costs for our customers. Customer and supplier data in a broad range of formats is frequently used to facilitate changes or enhancements, supporting our ability to implement customer requirements in a timely manner.

ERP System

Exact® Software provides manufacturing planning and control applications, which further help to streamline S&N’s manufacturing environment. Through material and resource planning, S&N is better able to execute its processes in a planned, controlled and predictable manner.

Quality Management System

Our commitment to continual improvement and compliance with requirements makes S&N® the preferred supplier for quality, value and service. S&N demonstrates its commitment to its employees, community, customers and suppliers through its adherence to the ISO 9001 standard.

As a standard process, all solenoids go through a rigorous automated quality control process check.